Riccardo e Manlio, who?

Riccardo and Manlio

I am an extrovert, I am Edoardo’s father and I photograph what strikes me. Here starts my story. I am Riccardo.

A little more shy but empathic. When I shoot I enter a whole another world, and I wish I could never leave. I am Manlio.

We are so different one from the other and this allows us to see the same things from a different perspective; this is our strength.

Besides photography we also have in common the love for traveling, TV series, 80’s cult’s, nature and outdoor sports and activities.

In conclusion, we are a well assorted couple of photographers.

are we the right photographers for you?

You love photography but not posing?

Are you planning the wedding you’ve always dreamed of?

Do you want a photographer to accompany you without being the "spy who takes pictures of you from afar"?

Do you also want spontaneous photos of the moments spent with your friends?

If the answer is yes, then we are the right photographers for you!

We like to turn to people who love emotional photography and who are looking for photographers that will get to know them and accompany them in important moments with the right amount of empathy and expertise.

We like "alternative" couples, full of personality, maybe even a little nerd like us, who are not afraid to be themselves and who want a wedding that really reflects who they are.

Our manifesto!

For us, wedding photography is more than a job. It’s the best job you can have!

On the important day, knowing our bride and groom in their uniqueness, and being the witness and interpreter of their emotions means photographing what really matters in life: love.

We do not want to simply be another line in the list of wedding personnel.

We deeply believe in the empathy created with the men and women that we portray, and creating a bond throughout getting to know them is a fundamental part of our way of photographing.

We deeply believe that marriage is more important today than ever. Love needs to be celebrated every single day but dedicating it a special day, sharing this love with the people we love makes it even more beautiful.

Afterall, we want to give a photo shoot that will have an unquantifiable value for you and will remain forever.

We don’t pretend to be the right photographers for everyone,

but if we’re the right ones for you, we can guarantee working with us will be great.

Let’s stay in touch

Write us an email, talk to us about your wedding and your desires, we will be happy to respond describing to you what would we like to do to make your wedding unforgettable.

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