We look at the wedding day as a combination of emotions, details and moments, which we try to capture in the most spontaneous way possible.

Getting to know you and connecting with you to be able to truly get involved in the day and create a unique and powerful story.

Tips on how to choose a photographer

Ok, but how can I know what kind of a photographer is the right one for me?
First of all you need to like his photos; the colours, and the way he plays with the light. You need to crave that exact “mood” to appear in your photos. Don’t forget to look at the pics of the entire day, including the arrangements, the ceremony and the wedding reception. Often we judge a photographer’s work based on his portraits, but being able to capture with the same style all the other moments is even more important.

There also has to be a connection on a personal level, you need to feel comfortable with the person that takes pics of you. The emotions are the most important thing in wedding photography, and in particular in portraits. And if you’re not relaxed and comfortable with the one who’s making the shots, they’re not going to have that extra thing that will make you fall in love with them.

If you’re shy and withdrawn, a calm and empathetic photographer that favours spontaneous shots will know how to make the shoot a pleasant and fun experience.

Then there is the practical side of the selection, and here are some things you need to take into consideration:

How many guests will I have?

Which parts of the day does the shoot cover?

The style is spontaneous? Posed? Joyous?

How much attention do you want to give to your friends and relatives?

How many photos will I receive?

Are the files edited and in high resolution?

This timeline could be helpful to understand the various parts of the day, But from experience, we can assure you that hardly any wedding follows the schedule.

9:00 Bride and groom getting ready shots

10:00 The groom arrives at the location alongside his photographer

11:00 Estimated bride arrival and ceremony beginning

12:00 The ceremony ends, greetings to the newlyweds and group photo

12:30 While the guests start going to the location the bride and groom go to do the first portraits, usually in a location chosen along the way

13:30 All the guests arrived at the reception buffet. And the newlyweds arrive shortly after

15:00 It’s a good time to shoots some photos of small groups.

16:00 The entrées start to arrive. Let’s eat!

17:00 During the break between the courses we take the opportunity to make other portraits with a low and warm light. Can be a good time for the bouquet toss, taking advantage of the low light.

18:00 Second course.

20:00 Cutting the cake (and we sure love cakes).

21:00 Beginning of the fun part of the day, with music, dance and drinks.

22:30 Usually our service ends.

The right light

The light is one thing you don’t think about during the organization of the wedding, and we can assure you that it’s a detail you should pay attention to. For example, if you’re thinking of an outdoors ceremony try to figure out from where the light will come during the ceremony. You don’t want to risk having the sun directly on your face do you? In this case we recommend to find a shaded spot (the guests will appreciate that) or at least adjust the placement in a way that the sun doesn’t bother anyone.

The choice of the part of the part of the day in which do the portraits affects deeply the style that the images will later have. In the middle of the day, right after the ceremony, we will have a high, harsh and powerful light.

That’s where we are going to play with the shadows and it’s geometry. On the other hand, approaching the sunset the light is going to be softer and with warm tones. In this case we’re going to have more delicate and subtle shots. We’re absolutely in love with the light right before the sunset, no wonder the majority of the portraits we post were made during this part of the day. In this regard we always suggest to set aside half an hour between the courses in order to realize a couple of portraits with this light.

Portrait location

We told you earlier that the most important thing for a good portrait is the timing (and consequently the light) but let’s also talk about the location.
Often we worry about finding the right places, they need to be “elegant”, nice, photogenic etc. The thing we recommend first of all is to think about if you have already a certain place to which you’re attached, even if it may seem unsuitable for a shooting.
It will then be our job to to interpret the location and make it suitable for the realization of the portraits, which by the way will have you and your emotions as the main subject. On the other hand if you want to give us free rein we often decide to shoot the portraits in the wedding reception location.

Are you professionals?
Of course, our VAT registration number is 01143170312
Are you insured?
We’re equipped with a professional insurance for photographers
What kind of equipment do you use?
We use only high-level professional cameras, such as Canon 5D and the Sony a9.
Where is your headquarter?
Monfalcone, between Venice and Trieste, but we love to travel and we could go all around the world.
Are you available for transfers?
Sure, we travel a lot.
How much does your photoshoot cost?
We have various solutions, to know the exact price contact us by email or fill this form.
How can I contact you?
On this site, you'll find all our contacts. E-mailing us is the easiest way, but we will also like to see you, maybe using Skype.
Do you have a maximum working hours limit?
Our main package includes 8 work hours, but we can vary the duration according to your needs. In any case, we are not strict with the hour schedules. Our priority is to bring home a full service for your wedding.
How many of you will come to the wedding?
Manlio or Riccardo will always be present and will fully take care of the service. We will eventually evaluate together the need for an assistant or of a second photographer.
How do you deliver the work?
We deliver the selected post-production shots (color balance, lights, curves) in a high-resolution digital format without watermarks. We can send it through our portal or by courier on a USB stick.
How many photos do you deliver?
On average between 600 and 1000 post-produced images.
The images have some kind of constraint?
No, they’re in high resolution, in JPEG format, and without logos. You can use them freely and print them where and how you want.
Do you include an album?
We decided to not include an album, in order to leave maximum freedom to the bride and groom. In any case we have a great variety of albums to offer you.
Do you have templates of albums that we could see?
Of course, we have different high-quality solutions, made by nonindustrial companies. We can make a book-album, traditional albums, fine-art albums. Costumed according to your personal taste.
Do you also take photos of groups/relatives and friends?
Sure, we will be happy to photograph you with your friends and your relatives. And will do any type of photo you request.
How would you define your style?
What we would like to accomplish with our photography is an “emotional reportage”. We will be your photographers and try to create with you that link that will allow us to seize your emotions to the fullest without distorting them.
Can the guests also take pictures?
Certainly, as long as they do not interfere, ruining the main photos.
Do you offer other services?
Of course, we can organize a couple shooting before the wedding, and one after, or a reportage of a whole day with you.
How long before to we have to book?
It’s difficult to answer this question, it depends on many factors, the best thing is to write us an email immediately to know our availability.
How does the payment works?
We usually ask for an advance equal to the 30%, plus the travel expenses to confirm the date. And the rest before sending the post-produced material. You can pay by bank transfer or PayPal.
How long does it take to have the photos?
We usually send them in 20-40 days. We don’t want to rush such an important phase.
Do you have a contract?
Of course, in case you choose us, we will send you a contract as a guarantee for both.
How do you calculate the travel expenses?
We always try to reduce them. For example, if you have a trusted hotel where you will get married, we will be happy to stay there. Sooner you book the service easier it will be for us to organize the transfer.
Do you photograph more events during the same day?
Your photographer will spend all the day with you, indifferently from the service duration.

Let’s stay in touch

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