Rosalba and Tommaso – Etnic wedding in Italy

From the encounter with this unique couple could only come out something really original.
Tommaso is a biker with a passion for Harleys and Rosalba is a wonderful girl that holds in her heart the sun of her homeland.
Their house combines design and art, Rosalba paints meanwhile Tommaso is a photographer able to bring things to life.

The moment when the groom sees the bride is always very emotional but this one was amazing. Between the guests appeared two Harleys in the midst of which appeared a vintage Mercedes from which came out Rosalba.
The ceremony was noiseless and gave us the opportunity to capture the emotions of the bride and groom and their guests.
At the end of the ceremony there was an explosion of love. The first shots we made allowed us to understand how much they waited for this moment.
The wedding reception took place at “La Subida”, a Country Resort placed in the beautiful Collio, where the magic of this beautiful area is reflected in some of the finest wines of the world.

A superb jazz ensemble played during the reception creating a magical atmosphere.

In the late afternoon we took the opportunity and made some portraits waiting for the African traditional ceremony.
This moment was rich in colours and Tommaso’s mother and sister also wore the traditional clothes and all the men received scarfs according to the weddings in Côte d’Ivoire.

That day was a continuum of emotions and surprises and it was carried out with the style and simplicity of the two newlyweds.

Thank you for letting us narrate your love story





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