Harley on the road engagement in Italy

Opening the season with a very special pre-wedding shooting.

Together with Rosalba and Tommaso, we started thinking about the style of this pre-wedding shooting and immediately opted for their main passion: the Harley Davidson.

This type of shooting was a new thing for us, but the idea was thrilling cause we have always been fascinated by the Harley’s world.

The ideal location for an on the road shooting was the only thing we needed to figure out. we wanted a place far from the city, bare and wide, that could help us enhance the idea of freedom which is the root of the Harley’s philosophy.

Riccardo found immediately the right spot; a ford on the bed of Meduna, a place with the right tones, wide and perfect for this type of shooting. The things became interesting when a few days before the shooting Rosalba offered us a shooting with two other couples of bikers. Friends of theirs that in those days created the “Lone Wolf no Club”. Everything that happened later among great bikes, awesome people, smoke bombs and a lot of dirt you can find in the pictures.

PS: For the nerds some technical details at the bottom of the article



Sony A9
Sony A7III

Sony Zeiss 35/1.4
Sony 85/1.8
Sigma 24-70/2.8 Art


Drone Parrot ANAFI



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West Haven, Utah (AP) – The wedding is on. A 23-year-old man who left an engagement ring on the hood of a car went from extremely unlucky to lucky when another man riding a Harley-Davidson noticed a little black jewelry box in the middle of the road.

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