Enrica and Andrea
Wedding photographers in Italy

2006 “Do you want to spend part of your life with me?” – 2016 “Do you want to spend your whole life with me?”. If we were to give a subtitle to the wonderful love story of Enrica and Andrea, it should be this. The friendship that binds them from the tender age has in time been transformed into love and on June 2nd, the newlyweds have finally seen their dream crowned.

That of Enrica and Andrea was a colorful wedding: orange details for her (sandals and flowers in her hair) and for him (socks and cufflinks), multicolor, the adorable bouquet, the favors’ ribbons and the many butterflies of paper that have personalized the reception.

The preparation of Enrica begins in their new home, in a bright white room that has proved to be an ideal photographic set. The ceremony, officiated by the priest who knows them since childhood, was followed first by a drink with friends and finally by the elegant reception at Castello Formentini.

The many friends who participated helped to make the day perfect with games, fun and special dedications.

What about … guys, you really made us move!


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