Couple sessions, or engagements, are your perfect opportunity to create a beautiful, intimate and spontaneous memory of yourself.

These sessions are mini-adventures in which being yourself allow us to deliver an authentic shooting, that can be made anywhere: from your home to the pure nature.

Together with you we will create a tale of this adventure, getting to know you, exchanging ideas and combining locations, clothes and styles that reflect your true being.

They are also a great time to create a bond with us photographers before the wedding day.

Only for the ones who are getting married?

Absolutely not! Many of the couples we photograph are still far from taking the big step.
There is no need to wait to treat yourself with some photos together and capture your love.


Selecting a location is very subjective. It doesn’t have to be a beautiful place, but it has to be an important place for you.

The ideal thing is a place with a meaning in your history together, maybe where you met or where you kissed for the first time.


Once you have chosen the location, we will help you choose the most suitable clothes for you and the place where we have to shoot.

As for the location it is always nice that what you wear says something about who you are and what you are passionate about.


There is no correct answer.

Often we imagine this kind of photos only during the summer but every season has its owncharm.

We deeply love the light just before the sunset, when it is low and its color warms up slowly becoming golden, but we also really like to work with the powerful light cuts that can create curious suggestions.

The alternative for the bravest is dawn, which gives us equally beautiful colors. Often if you want to shoot in very popular places choosing the dawn allows us to have them almost deserted.