Emanuela and Kostadin
Destination wedding in Italy

Still a wedding from our last season.
Here we are in Gorizia with Emanuela and Kostadin, she was born in the city and him of Bulgarian origins but both resident in Austria.
Emanuela and Kostadin chose to get married in the cloister of the municipality of Gorizia with a civil ceremony celebrated in two languages and concluded with the blessing of a pastor friend of the couple.
Before reaching Villa Attems (www.villaattems.it) for the reception we made a quick stop at the castle of Gorizia for some photos in this suggestive setting.

“… our story … a meeting started by Erasmus students in Klagenfurt after which for 10 years there was no more contact and then meet again in Vienna after professional experiences in other different cities and continents. In short, from that moment on we were destined to share our future … ”


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