Alessandro and Silvia – wedding photography in black and white

I had long wanted to publish a post of an entirely black and white wedding, but I haven’t had the right chance.
This moment came with Silvia and Alessandro, a couple that cared about every single little detail, making this big day incredibly emotional.
Thanks to some tears in the most intense moments, and thanks to the smiles on their faces everytime they were portrayed together.

But let’s go back to the decision of publishing this black and white selection. The black and white photos have always had in a collectiv immagination a one of a kind charm, thanks to the fact that the large part of photos that made history were made in black and white.
For us the black and white photography is a synonym of simplicity and purity. Photographing in black and white and removing the colour ranging we focus the attention on what is the core of photography, lightning and composition.
From here the idea of applicating this type of photography to an entire wedding, in order to make them more direct and therefore emotional. Creating a simple and impactful story, that can move those who watch.
We prefer letting the images talk more than describing them in words, therefore I leave you a selection taken from this wedding.

P.S. Don’t forget to take a look at the sites of professionists that contibuted in making this day unique.
You’ll find their links above.


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