Manlio and Riccardo, why?

As all the best stories, even ours started by chance, in 2012, when a series of events made us bump into each other. It became clear right from the beginning that the harmony established on topics such as photography, art and much more, deserved to evolve into something that would allow us to put all our passion and professionality in the service of others.

Therefore, we created Oak Studio, that allowed us to expand our services, reaching different photography and visual communications areas in general.

Our main passion remains people photography and portraits. The portraits and especially weddings are the main part of our work, the ones that fulfill us the most on the working and human level.

“Manlio and Riccardo” is the way we introduce ourselves to the world, it’s the way we show who we are, what we love and what we want. With the hope of being able to contribute with our emotional photography to the happiness of people that we meet along.


I am an extrovert, I am Edoardo’s father and I photograph what strikes me. Here starts my story.
Love skiing, swimming and benefit of what surrounds me at 100%.
In love with architecture, fashion, and action.
Favorite movie? “Il Divo”, “Rush” “Family Guy”
Music? David Bowie
Dream trip? USA

I am Riccardo.


A little more shy but empathic. When I shoot I enter a whole another world, and I wish I could never leave.
In love with mountains, lego, and technology.
Favorite movie? “To the Wonder”, “Shining”, and “Rick and Morty”
Music? Punk or electronic
Dream trip? Burning man

I am Manlio.